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Walking Services


Private Walks

Customized walks for your individual dog with a focus on training, behaviour modification, and enrichment. We strongly believe the walks are for the dogs, so we encourage sniffing, digging, rolling and other normal dog behaviour. These are ideal for the non-social, reactive or selective dogs.

Each additional dog is 50% off during the same outing, from the same home. Reactive dogs must be walked separately. 

[ $35 for 30 minutes ] [$40 for 45 minutes ] [ $45 for 60 minutes]

*minimum two walks per week, no drop ins*

Small Group Hikes

90 minute off-leash group hikes for your social dog. Pick up and drop off included; dogs are outfitted with Garmin GPS tracking collars. The groups are carefully curated to ensure comfort and success for all. Groups max out at 6 dogs. Your dog is out of the house for 2-3.5 hours.

[ $37 for 90 minutes ]


All services are subject to 5% GST

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