About Me

Hilary is very passionate about science-based, humane training methods and completed a foundations dog training course at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy in 2017. She has a Certificate in Canine Behaviour, and is currently enrolled at the International School of Canine Psychology for a Diploma in Canine Behaviour. She spent some time assisting in group classes at Bravo Dog Training in North Vancouver and has a diploma in Veterinary Assisting, as well as four years experience working at a Veterinary Clinic. She spent over a year as one of the directors of a bully breed rescue and is a huge advocate for blocky-headed dogs. She currently has two bullies of her own, Hemi (right) and Sheldon (left). Both of her dogs suffer from reactivity to other dogs and so she understands the difficulty finding a dog walker that can be trusted with the dogs that need a little extra.


Dog Training Certificate


Bravo Dog Knowledge Levels 1 & 2


Member of the Pet Professional Guild


Diploma in Canine Behaviour through the International School of Canine Psychology


Associate Member of the International Companion Animal Network


Certificate in Canine Behaviour